plus minus What is Onlot?

Onlot is a provably fair crypto lottery that allows you to play 24/7 in completely secure, anonymous gaming environment. The concept of the game is to guess a number from 0 to 99. In case you guess the number you multiply your bet x99 times. In this way, you can win really big amounts of crypto with no limitation.

plus minus Why should I trust you?

Onlot is 100% provably fair, which means that you don’t have to trust us. Each roll is mathematically fair and can be verified to be manipulation-free. We don't use a random number generator. The provably fair algorithm consists of a generating server and user seed (random alphanumeric). User seed is generated on the user side (in the web browser) and the betting server is unaware of its value. Based on the 2 seeds and provably fair cryptographic algorithm we calculate a number in the range of 0-99. You can even calculate the bet number yourself by following these steps:

1. For example: server seed = 'g2EZmGtEzhP8RRPdDWhV', user seed = 'QbPMaAb8JnfFX4Xg34cR'
2. Using https://www.freeformatter.com/hmac-generator.html we calculate HMAC (keyed-hash message authentication code) of our seeds
3. In 'Copy-paste the string here', insert QbPMaAb8JnfFX4Xg34cR
4. In 'Secret Key', insert g2EZmGtEzhP8RRPdDWhV
5. Choose SHA-512 in 'Select a message digest algorithm'
6. Click on COMPUTE HMAC and you will get 8f4dfba93b2f72e9a8cce0775b96aa9577ac2c9b46e6f3dbd631c2ef77da94d07e07a7370d9dc1b93d042f9113ec4279f8beb7c2f20aaff2424b8ef37d9136cc
7. Then take first 5 characters from HMAC (8f4df)
8. Using http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexadecimal.html, convert 8f4df to decimal. The result is 586975
9. After that, copy 586975%(10000)/100 and paste into Google. The result is 69.75
10. Getting int value from 69.75 we receive 69. So, the number is 69!

For a more detailed description head to: https://dicesites.com/provably-fair Important! At the beginning of the bet, we do not show server seed as g2EZmGtEzhP8RRPdDWhV but as a sha256 hash of it. So, sha256 of g2EZmGtEzhP8RRPdDWhV is B39623E4D3043A5425F3534B601553B759247A5B08272E916CE0C38029EF63E1. Check yourself at: http://passwordsgenerator.net/sha256-hash-generator

plus minus Where to buy Bitcoin or Litecoin?

We personally recommend https://localbitcoins.com as one of the easiest ways to buy/sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, you can use any other service available in your area. More info can be found at: https://bitcoin.org/en/buy. We also recommend https://www.shapeshift.io as a reliable crypto exchange service and https://blockchain.info as a reliable personal wallet.

plus minus How to deposit?

To make a deposit on Onlot, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Deposit button
2. Choose the Currency tab
3. Copy or scan the QR code with your wallet app
4. Enter your amount to deposit
5. Send

With a regular transaction fee, deposited funds will be added to your balance within 60 minutes.

plus minus How to play?

To play, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Play button
2. Select currency, bet amount and your lucky number
3. Click Bet button!

plus minus How to withdraw?

To withdraw, follow these steps:
1. Click on the Withdraw button
2. Choose Currency tab
3. Enter your wallet address
4. Enter amount
5. Press Withdraw button

Usually, we process withdrawal requests within a few minutes. However, in some cases, withdrawal requests can be delayed up by to 48 hours. You can't withdraw your bonuses.

plus minus How to get more bonuses(FREE bitcoins)?

To get FREE bitcoins you can recommend a friend by sending them your referral link. If your friend signs up you will receive a bonus for FREE. More referrals means more bonuses, so spread the word!

plus minus In case of a gambling problem, what can I do?

You can find advice or counseling for gambling issues at the following websites:
1. Australia: Gambling Help On Line
2. Canada: Responsible Gaming Resource Ctr
3. Denmark: Center for Ludomani
4. France: Adictel
5. Ireland: Gamble Aware
6. Netherlands: Center of Responsible Gaming, Tactus
7. Slovenia: Center for Addiction Treatment Nova Gorica, Logout
8. Spain: JugarBIEN.es
9. Sweden: St'dlinjen
10. Worldwide: GamblingTherapy
11. UK: GamCare
12. USA: Morningside Recovery

plus minus How do I contact support?

For all contact queries, email us directly at info@onlot.net. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

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